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Young researchers
  September 2018

Le japonais... comme au Japon, avec Chotto Nihongo, vous offre :

– des explications en français facilitant l’auto-apprentissage

  June 2018

The articles published in this volume are the result of a three-year project entitled “Practices of Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan” (2012–2015), funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International [...]

Japan in Early Photographs
  April 2018

Photographs taken in Japan between the late Edo and early Meiji periods that found their way overseas played a major role in forming Westerners’ image of Japan. Among these collections, the pictures gathered by the Swiss diplomat Aimé Humbert ( [...]

  April 2018

The Akanāṉūṟu is an anthology of four hundred long poems (12-30 lines) on love (akam) that belongs to the Eight Collections (eṭṭuttokai) of the Classical Tamil Caṅkam corpus. Its first book, Kaḷiṟṟiyāṉainirai (“Row of Bull [...]

  April 2018

The Karmapañjikā is a manual for the domestic rituals of the Paippalāda tradition. Claiming to follow a Sūtra of Paiṭhīnasi, the text was composed by an otherwise unknown Śrīdhara in Orissa in the 16th [...]

  April 2018

Shanghai, a dynamic world metropolis, is home to a multitude of religions, from Buddhism and Islam, to Christianity and Baha’ism, to Hinduism and Daoism, and many more. In this city of 24 million inhabitants, new religious groups and older faiths [...]

Hungry Nation
  April 2018

This ambitious and engaging new account of independent India's struggle to overcome famine and malnutrition in the twentieth century traces Indian nation-building through the voices of politicians, planners, and citizens.

  March 2018

Les attentes de la société en matière de formation linguistique et la mutation accélé [...]

  March 2018

Comprendre le Vietnam en 2018 avec Benoît de Tréglodé.

  February 2018

Le Japon est exposé à plusieurs risques naturels, qui se transforment parfois en catastrophes. Considéré comme très avancé en matière de prévention et de gestion des désastres, il dé [...]

3881 articles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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