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The occupational structure of China 1736-1898 and the great divergence

Conférence de M. Yang Cheng, doctorant à l'université de Cambridge

Date de l'événement : 12 octobre 2018
Horaires : 10h00-13h00
Contact : PAULES Xavier Courriel
Lieu : Salle A07_37 EHESS, 54 bd Raspail, 75006 Paris
Aire : Chine
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Historians have long debated the great divergence and recent scholarship has been dominated by quantitative approaches. But datasets are often constructed by pooling evidence from disparate sources and the existing quantitative studies are marred by dependence on small samples of unrepresentative data.  Focusing on measuring occupational structure on the basis of an underused but abundant source (the Xingke Tiben, a collection of trial papers for all homicides in 1736-1898), this presentation aims to provide rich, new evidence about the great divergence and the nature of economic development of China at that time. 

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