2 Master positions - Southeast Asian Cities

2 Master positions - Southeast Asian Cities

Founding opportunity for 2 Master students in Geography, Department of Geography, University of Montreal, Canada (dealine for applications: November 15, 2017).

Research thematic : "Real estate and urban dynamics in Southeast Asia: critical approaches"

Objectives: Under the supervision of Gabriel Fauveaud, visiting professor in Geography and international studies at the University of Montreal, students will be part of a research team working on economic, political, social and spatial dimensions of real estate productions, practices, and strategies in Southeast Asia. The research project is focusing on periurban and central areas.

Fields: Phnom Penh (capital city of Cambodia) and Yangon (economic capital of Myanmar)

- Being involve in all the different steps of the research, including: 1) literature review; 2) data collection and analysis; 3) dissemination of the results (depending on student whishes, this can include conferences and papers)
- Doing a founded field work in Phnom Penh or Yangon during at least 8 weeks during summer 2018.

Example of one or several research topics that could be addressed:
- Intra-urban and rural-urban migrations;
- Residential trajectories and life stories;
- Spatial practices and representations, lifestyles;
- Qualitative cartography of mobilities and spatial practices;
- Quantitative cartography of land and real estate prices;
- Public policies related real estate, and to urban and territorial planning;
- Socio-spatial dynamics (relations between social groups, interactions between former residents and new comers, segregation, evictions, marginalization, violence...

Details of the financial support
Founder: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
- Scholarship of CAD 2 000 for the field research in Southeast Asia during summer 2018 (with possibilities to extend the scholarship for a field research during summer 2019);
- Research assistant contract of at least (depending on the working hours) CAD 2000/semesters during 3 semesters (Winter 2018, Autumn 2018, Winter 2019);
- Possibility of financial support for the participation to an international conference.

- Master Student in Geography (backgrounds in other disciplines are encouraged to apply), preferably in her/his first year of her/his program (students in "supervised projects" are also eligible);
- Good skills in written French and spoken English (written English would be an asset);
- Showing experience, if not a strong interest, for one or several research thematic of the project;
- Having relevant experiences related to the expected tasks (literature review, semi-structured interviews, qualitative or quantitative analysis, scientific writings, cartographic representations...) would be an asset;
- Being open and interested to intercultural collaborations and multidisciplinary researches, and be willing to do field work in Southeast Asia for at least 8 weeks during Summer 2018;
- Being enrolled in the Master's program no later than January 2018.

How to apply (deadline November 17, 2017):
- Candidates should supply their full curriculum vitae, a copy of an official transcript of recent grades, a cover letter, and two writing samples (academic writings, papers, reports, etc.) showing their written and analytical skills;
- Successful applicants will be interviewed no later than the end of Novemver, in order to joining the team in January 2018;
- Inquiries and applications should be sent to: gabriel.fauveaud@umontreal.ca