The Diversity of Asian Capitalisms: a comparative analysis in the context of globalization.

The Diversity of Asian Capitalisms: a comparative analysis in the context of globalization.

The dislocation of social structures in Asia from the second half of the 20th century is clear, imposing research into the question of their dynamic and their endogenous and/or exogenous nature. A renewed interest in the socio-economic analysis models built around the notion of capital has broadened the inquiry, especially concerning the critical description of what is meant by 'development' and 'growth', which can be more objectively measured by their ecosystematic devastation, the ruin of the social fabric and their modes of recomposition.

More subject to observation and scientific analysis, the rural exodus, overpopulation of the mega-cities and the creation of slums and all kinds of prison systems are, with the modification of labour structures, the regional specialization in a global integration, obvious clues of these upheavals that take the form of a property transfer and labor transfer on a global scale.

In this context, the dramatic breakthrough of the China factor cannot overshadow the extraordinary diversity of the social, state, religious, institutionally traditional or cynically modernist factors, which regardless of their rationalizations, constantly feed the flow of capital.

  1. Axiology and new kinds of capitalism in Asian countries: between accumulation, profit and dispossession
  2. Regional integration and national consequences
  3. The issue of the role of the State
  4. Capitalist Entrepreneurship and Political power

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Timetable and responses

The call for papers is open and the scientific committee shall make a selection from
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The next stages are :

1. Dead line for panel proposal : 30 October 2017
2. Deadline for proposals : 1st December 2017

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3. Notification of the scientific committee’s decision : 15 January 2018
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Organising Committee
Pierre Alary (université de Lille 1, CLERSE, CASE).

Brigitte Steinmann (Université de Lille 1, CLERSE, CRCAO et INALCO).

Scientific Committee
Pierre Alary. Economist and Agronomist, Laos, money and social mutations, CLERSE
(Lille Center for Sociological and Economic Studies and Research), university of Lille 1.

Stéphanie Barral. Sociologist and Agronomist, Indonesia, the mutations of rural
societies, LISIS (Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Sciences and Social Innovations), INRA.

Robert Boyer. Economist, Macroeconomist, Institutions and the diversity of Capitalisms,
IdA (Institute of the Americas), CNRS.