India, Religion, and Performance

India, Religion, and Performance

Scholars and artists are invited to submit essays, artist statements, interviews, book reviews, and performance reviews for Ecumenica’s first issue as a publication of Penn State University Press. Es- says may concern any topics that involve performance, religion, and India. In the vein of performance studies, we welcome scholarship on theatre, performance art, and also the activity of religion, includ- ing ritual, pilgrimage, festival, devotional practice, etc. We also welcome work on relevant theory and religious concepts, such as rasa and bhakti.

Submissions for this issue should be received by July 15, 2018.

We welcome submissions related to performance and religion, generally, for subsequent issues. Ecumenica: Performance and Religion attends to the combination of creativity, religion, and spirituality in expressive practice, preferring no particular form of creative expression, and privileging no par- ticular religious tradition. The journal’s very aim is to consider the variety of modes in which creative and religious impulses might be realized. Ecumenica’s interdisciplinary premise welcomes all critical approaches to such topics as performance art, theatre, ritual, contemplative and devotional practices, and expressions of community.

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David Mason, Editor

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David Mason
Rhodes College
Editor, Ecumenica: Performance and Religion

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