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CHINA: CNRS - K.C. Wong Education Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021

CHINA: CNRS - K.C. Wong Education Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021

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The K.C. Wong Education Foundation was founded in Hong Kong in 1985. Its objectives are to promote and advance education at all levels in China. In furtherance of these aims the Foundation has awarded fellowships for Chinese scho- lars to advance research outside China, including the CNRS laboratories in France.

To further enhance the advancement of Chinese scholars in France, the K. C. Wong Edcation Foundation (KCWEF) in cooperation with the CNRS has established a fellowship scheme, to be known as : CNRS - K.C. Wong Education Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021

2 - Eligibility and conditions

Call is exclusively aimed at candidates living in mainland China who wish to come to CNRS. Chinese scholarship holders currently in France who are seeking to extend their stay are not eligible to apply.

• Younger post-docs are preferred. Between 2 and 6-year-experience recommanded.

• Applicants should be scientists of post-doctoral level or equivalent status who are em- ployed by a scientific or academic institution in mainland China, or who have confirmed employment with such institutions after the completion of their Fellowship.

• It is essential that applicants have a good command of spoken and written English. NB: some knowledge of French will be useful for the everyday life.

• Disciplines covered: all, except humanities and social sciences as well as industrial sciences.

• Hosting CNRS units focus: French CNRS research units (UMR) developing “structuring actions” (IRL,IRN,IRC...) withChina.CurrentUMR(i.e.CNRSunitsinvolvedina“structuringactions”)hosting the 2019 laureates are not prioritized for 2020 call.


3 - Application procedure

• Application should be submitted by the intended hosting CNRS lab supervisor to

“Bureau du CNRS en Chine”, i.e. the head of the CNRS “structuring action” (IRP, IRN, IRL) • Application includes the following documents

(a) a full résumé with all publications

(b) a supporting statement from the applicant’s employer or head of department giving approval for absence abroad. The statement must include a confirmation that the laureate will be provided with a research position after his postdoc in CNRS.

(c) a passport-sized photograph
(d) a letter of invitation signed by the CNRS hosting lab supervisor including a 400 word description of the intended candidate post-doc work (scientific program).


4 - Prospective timetable

(a) Application deadline : 15 November 2020
(b) Short list of qualified candidates : 15 December 2020 (tentative) (c) Final decision : 30 January 2021 (tentative)
(d) Expected start of the post doctoral contract : March. 2021