Monumenta Serica Journal of Oriental Studies n°63

Monumenta Serica Journal of Oriental Studies n°63

Contents of Issue 1:

Articles: Jia Jinhua: Longevity Technique and Medicine Theory. The Legacy of the Tang Daoist Priestess-Physician Hu Yin · Wong Kwok-Yiu: The Mid-Tang Scholar-Monk Shenqing and His Beishan lu · Lee Kwai Sang: Inborn Knowledge (shengzhi) and Expressions of Modesty (qianci). On Zhu Xi’s Sacred Image of Confucius and His Hermeneutical Strategies · Phillip Grimberg: Einige Überlegungen zu dem Brief der Kaiserinwitwe Helena/Xiaozheng der Südlichen Ming an Papst Innozenz X. aus dem Jahre 1650 · Wong Man Kong: Nineteenth Century Missionary-Scholars at Work. A Critical Review of English Translations of the Daodejing by John Chalmers (1825–1899) and James Legge (1815–1897)

Review article: Lin Hang: Printing, Publishing, and Book Culture in Premodern China · César Guarde-Paz: A Translator in the Shadows of Early Republican China. Lin Shu’s Position in Modern Chinese Literature. An Overview

OBITUARY: Jac Kuepers S.V.D.: In memoriam Arnold Heinrich Sprenger (Sun Zhiwen 孫志文), S.V.D. (1929–2015)

Book Reviews and notes · PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED


Contents of Issue 2:

Articles: Oliver Weingarten: The Figure of Yan Zhuoju 顏涿聚 in Ancient Chinese Literature · Shi Jie: The Overseeing Mother. Revisiting the Frontal-Pose Lady in the Wu Family Shrines in Second-Century China · Sheng Yang: The Revival of zhiguai 志怪 Storywriting in the Qing Dynasty. In Search for Its Reasons · Nicholas Morrow Williams: Angelo Zottoli’s Cursus litteraturae sinicæ as Propaedeutic to Chinese Classical Tradition

Bibliographical Notes: Nicolas Standaert: Circulation of Chinese Books: Jean-François Foucquet’s Contribution to the Establishment of Chinese Book Collections in European Libraries

Review Article: Silvia Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach: Unterwegs zu einer gelungenen Popula­risierung sinologischen Wissens: Die Dame mit der Phönixkrone: Tang-zeitliche Grabfunde der Adeligen Li Chui (711–736)

Book Reviews and notes · PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED


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