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Postdoctoral Position at Tokyo College

Postdoctoral Position at Tokyo College

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About Tokyo College

Tokyo College is a new scheme of collaboration for members of the University of Tokyo to discuss and create a shared vision of an ideal future with people from across the globe and to take action together to pursue its realization. Leading scholars, promising young researchers and influential intellectuals from overseas will gather and stay at Tokyo College, where they will have frequent opportunities to exchange ideas with our scholars and students, creating synergy and generating new knowledge, which will help us shape our future. Knowledge created by these activities will be delivered immediately to the public through lectures and seminars organized by Tokyo College.

1.Job Title

Postdoctoral Fellow (Project Researcher) at Tokyo College, the University of Tokyo

2. Field of Expertise

Tokyo College is looking to invite researchers from a broad range of fields under the research theme, "The Earth and Human Society in 2050", and carry out interdisciplinary collaboration to contribute to the realization of a sustainable and inclusive future of humanity. Applicants’ field of expertise should be related to at least one of the following five research foci; topics that range across multiple themes are also welcome.

  1. Digital Revolution and Future of Humanity
  2. Tackling the Planetary Boundaries through Interdisciplinary Approaches
  3. Japan Viewed from Inside and Outside
  4. Humanities in 2050 - World Philosophy, World History and World Literature -
  5. Life and its Value for Future Society

3. Job Description

Postdoctoral researchers are expected to:

  • pursue their own research objectives through an interdisciplinary lens
  • undertake collaborative research with researchers both within and outside of Japan
  • actively expand research collaborations and networks within the country and overseas
  • actively attend or host research seminars at Tokyo College, including seminars/events to be broadcasted online
  • engage in academic outreach through dissemination of research outcomes


The appointment must start anytime between April 1, 2021 and January 1, 2022. It is a fixed term, three-year contract without extension.

5. Eligibility

  • Ph.D. or equivalent in a related field obtained not earlier than five years prior to the contract starting date. Applicants scheduled to obtain a Ph.D. degree before the starting date are also eligible to apply.
  • Good communication skills in English. No Japanese language skills required.

We encourage applications from scholars who have had none or limited opportunities to be based at Japanese institutions and wish to build academic networks in Japan and abroad.


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