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GIS actions

The French Network for Asian Studies is defined by six propositions of actions:

Axis 1: Improving information on Asian Studies in France 

After creating  the White Paper on Asian studiesin 2012 (, the French Network for Asian Studies  wants to create and publicizea tool of information on defended theses during and after 1970’s  and on the becoming of doctors.  The objective of this project is to achieve a better statistical knowledge of the current state and evolution of the profession for 40 years. 

Already done:


Axis 2: Structure and decompartmentalize Asian Studies 

The purpose of the Network is to regularly organize a conference of Asian Studies where the community can meet. It hopes to equally participate in the reflection of cultural areas and to take the associations into consideration. 

Already done: 


Axis 3: Improving the visibility of French research abroad 

It promotes French Asian studies abroad by organizing meetings between internationals cholars and by integrating French researchers in editorial boards of international journals on Asia. 

Already done:


Axis 4: Train and recruit 

In this axis, the French Network for Asian Studies wants to take action in favor of doctoral students and young doctor, to ensure the renewal of the research community in Asia. 

Already done:


Axis 5: Pooling data and documentation resources  

It is necessary in this axis to provide many researchers with access to various resources of  information. 

Already done:

• Participatied in DocAsie network.


Axis 6: Communication 

The purpose of the French Network for Asian Studies is to promote Asian studies by networking them through broadcasts and multi-media (including publication and website). 

Already done:

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