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The French Network for Asian Studies has two operating parts: 

· The steering committee, which seats a representative from each institution member of the Network. The steering committee meets once a year. In particular, it decides the program of activities deliberates the budget and approves the accession of new members. 

· The Scientific Council, which is composed of 20 scientists recognized in the various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. The Scientific Council meets 3-4 times a year. It guarantees the relevance and scientific quality of GIS activities. It proposes actions, makes recommendations, studies the rules for their implementation and reviews the results. The Scientific Council is currently being renewed. For the mandate 2013-2017, The Scientific Council was composed of the following:

Bayram Balci
Marta Craveri

Gregory Delaplace
Véronique Dupont
Guy Faure

Rainier Lanselle
Valérie Gelézeau
Vincent Goossaert
Christophe Jaffrelot / Stéphanie Balme
Béatrice Jaluzot

Ines Zupanov
Gregory Lee

Rémy Madinier
Edith Parlier-Renault
Michael Lucken
Thierry Sanjuan
Charlotte Schmid
Pierre Singaravelou
Joëlle Smadja
Benjamin Taunay

Two representatives of The Young Researchers Office in Asian studies are invited to each Scientific Council.

The directors

The management of GIS implements the guidelines defined by the Scientific Council.

French Network for Asian Studies Director : Aurélie Varrel
French Network for Asian Studies Vice-Director : Myriam de Loenzien

GIS Asie - Réseau Asie & Pacifique
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