"Entrepreneurship in Asia," Education About Asia

"Entrepreneurship in Asia," Education About Asia

Education About Asia (EAA) is the peer-reviewed teaching journal of the Association for Asian Studies. Our print and online readers include undergraduate instructors as well as high school and middle school teachers. Our articles are intended to provide educators and academics in the humanities and social sciences who are often not specialists with basic understanding of Asia-related content. Professors and high school teachers also utilize many EAA articles and essays as student readings. Qualified referees evaluate all manuscripts submitted for consideration.


We are developing a special section for fall 2019 titled “Entrepreneurship in Asia.” Possible special section topics include historical and contemporary accounts of innovative Asian multinational companies and the entrepreneurs that created them, grassroots entrepreneurship in developing and developed Asian cultures, prospects for women entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship, educational entrepreneurship, microfinance, differing Asian perspectives on entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship/economic education in Asia. Manuscripts on history of entrepreneurship in Asia and public policy that facilitates or hinders entrepreneurship are also welcome.


Please consult Submissions to Education About Asia included in the site below:

(http://www.asian-studies.org/Publications/EAA/Submissions) before submitting a manuscript for this special section. Please note our relatively modest feature article and teaching resources manuscript word-count ranges. Prospective authors who are unfamiliar with EAA should also read archived articles and essays available at no charge in the website below my signature.


Since approximately half of EAA readers teach at the undergraduate level and approximately half of readers are secondary school teachers, we seek suitable manuscripts that are useful for instructors and/or students in undergraduate survey and high school courses such as government, world history, economics, human geography, and cultural anthropology as well as introductory Asia-related survey courses including business and management classes. We are not interested in manuscripts that would be intended for upper-level undergraduate courses in Asian studies. We are especially appreciative of manuscripts that are potentially useful at both the lower-level undergraduate and secondary school levels. Manuscripts selected for publication should be written in prose that is easily accessible for high school and/or undergraduate non-specialist instructors and students. We encourage prospective authors to use a prose style much closer to that of a journalist than the prose style of conventional academic journals.The number of endnotes in manuscripts should be minimal compared to what is published in more traditional scholarly journals.


Prospective authors are strongly encouraged to email me 1-3 paragraph descriptions of possible manuscript ideas and will receive prompt replies to queries.


Manuscripts for this special section should be submitted on or before May 14th, 2019. Prospective authors are welcome to contact me at lucien-ellington@utc.edu.