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Domestic Rituals of the Athar-vaveda in the Paippalāda Tradi-tion of Orissa: Śrīdhara’s Vivāhādikarmapañjikā

Volume I: Book One, Part One: General Prescriptions

CI 135
CI 135
Date de publication : Avril 2018
Auteur(s) : Arlo Griffith & Shilpa Sumant Courriel
Éditeur : EFEO/IFP
Collection : Collection Indologie
Volume : 135
Pages : 310
Prix : 35
ISBN/ISSN : 9782855392271
Aire : Inde
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The Karmapañjikā is a manual for the domestic rituals of the Paippalāda tradition. Claiming to follow a Sūtra of Paiṭhīnasi, the text was composed by an otherwise unknown Śrīdhara in Orissa in the 16th century CE. His work is a precious late-medieval witness to the Atharvavedic tradition, preserving archaic features dating from the Vedic period, but also showing much influence from various non-Vedic traditions that have been prevalent in this part of eastern India. The critical edition, which will be complete in three volumes, is based on six palm-leaf manuscripts written in Oriya script. This first volume contains an extensive introduction followed by the first nine chapters of text that describe the general paradigms of domestic ritual in this tradition.

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