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The representatives

The office of young researchers in Asian Studies consists of a few elected members whose mission is to help coordinate, represent, and  inform about activities of the group. These members represent young researchers of GIS’s Scientific Council.  They are on point of contact and develop and nurture the online research notebook. The operation of the group is flexible.  Each action can be coordinated by the Office or other initiated doctoral or post-doctoral students.

Contact the office :

Building the premises France , 6th floor 190 Avenue de France , 75628 Paris Cedex 13 , France



The members of young researchers in Asian Studies office:


Chabaille Flower: Doctor of History, University Lyon 2, Institute of East Asian Studies, a specialist in urban history of modern and contemporary China. His research focuses on territorial expansionism, the maintenance of order and the evolution of Chinese nationalism in the foreign concessions in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hankou. Personal page

Cultural area: China


Hou Renyou: PhD in social anthropology, INALCO, specialist individualization of young villagers in the practice of matrimonial activities in China. Personal page

Cultural area: China

Nguyen Thuy Phuong: Doctor in History, Lecturer at the University Paris Diderot and associated with the University of Geneva, a specialist in the history of cultural decolonization in Vietnam, intellectual history and the history of education In Vietnam. Personal page

Cultural area: Vietnam

Julie Remoiville: Doctor of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) Studies of the Far East, Section of Religious Sciences and Thoughts systems; Postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory Group Companies Religions Laïcités, a specialist in religion and gender in contemporary urban China.

Cultural area: China

Wang Simeng: Doctor of Sociology at the ENS-EHESS, researcher at French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Research fields: immigration, transnational mobility and circulation; care and mental health; Studies on Chinese society. Personal page

Cultural Area: China; Chinese diasporas

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