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Asie du Sud et culture persane. Productions savantes, traductions, interactions

Date de l'événement : 10 avril 2018
Horaires : 15h00-17h00
Contact : Fabrizio Speziale Courriel
Lieu : EHESS, salle BS1-28, 54 bd. Raspail, 75006, Paris
Aires : Iran, République islamique d', Inde, Asie du Sud
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In the Sasanian empire a mixture of cultures was the result of a certain political openness towards other religions. Medicine was one of the earliest fields cultivated by scholars and the need for medical knowledge was deeply rooted in all religious traditions. This presentation attempts to reconstruct the trail followed by the new medical ideas – particularly those of Indian origin – within the framework of Sasanian Iran’s role as a major late antiquity crossroads for the exchange of medical and philosophical knowledge.

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