Postdoc research position in Natural Language Processing

The ENP-China project is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow in Natural Language Processing to conduct research and develop tools in accordance with the aims of the project. The position comes with a one-year fixed term, but it is renewable once. The recruitment can take place as early as 1st October 2020. The qualifications required, the tasks, and well as the conditions of recruitment are detailed in the Call for Candidates: Postdoc_NLP_ERC. Knowledge of Chinese is a prerequisite.

This is a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant project titled “Elites, networks, andpower in modern urban China (1830-1949). Historical “big data” in modern Chinese history" headedby Prof. Christian Henriot. The funding period of the project is 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2023(5 years).

The ENP-MUC project will be based at Aix-Marseille University on its Schuman campus (Aix-en-Provence) and will be implemented by an international interdisciplinary team. The project is also partof a large international network of researchers in Europe (Bristol, Lancaster, Leiden, Basel,Göttingen), China (Shanghai) and Taiwan (Academia Sinica).

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