Call for papers: The 1st International Transdisciplinary Martial Arts Conference in Taiwan

👤CEFC, Academia Sinica, Taipei

📅 date limite : 30 November 2023

2024 will be the 400th year anniversary of the first Taiwanese city, Tainan, but also that of the first symposium of the Taiwanese Martial Arts Project (TMAP). We wish to take advantage of this event to highlight the diversity of work relating to martial arts in a transdisciplinary approach. This will be an opportunity to build bridges between the different disciplines and to highlight and connect Taiwanese and foreign researchers who work around this multi-faceted object.

This event will be divided into four days of conferences, workshops and demonstrations, mainly at the CEFC of the Academia Sinica and at the University of Chinese Culture in Taipei. We will be asking the following question:

What place does Taiwanese martial arts occupy today both within the country and internationally?

To do this, this conference proposes to reflect on the relationship between martial arts and history, society, politics, culture, economy, science and art in Taiwan. Below, we propose five themes around this object for the intervention proposals:

  • Theme 1: History of Martial Arts in Taiwan

  • Theme 2: Taiwanese martial arts in Arts and Media

  • Theme 3: Taiwanese Martial Arts, Spirituality and Philosophy

  • Theme 4: Martial Arts and Health: An Approach Through Sport and Medicine

  • Theme 5: Society, Politics and Taiwanese Martial Arts

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