Database Assistant Application Project "Emotions and States of Mind in Ming-Qing China"

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Faisant suite aux annonces du volume annuel Ming Qing Studies,*je vous prie de publier sur votre site un autre appel, concernant un offre d’emploi pour un “database assistant” pour le projet “Emotions and States of Mind in Ming-Qing China”.


Merci de bien vouloir me confirmer la publication de l’appel.

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Database Assistant position

Dear members,

Prof. Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University of Rome) in collaboration with the invites application for a part-time position of Database Assistant for record keeping and update. The successful candidate will actively contribute to the implementation of the project “Emotions and States of Mind in Ming-Qing China”, and will work under the supervision of Prof. Santangelo. For more information about the contents of the project, job duties and required qualifications, please read below.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly circulate this notice among your colleagues, thank you!

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Recruitment Advertisement for Prof. Paolo Santangelo's Project “Emotions and States of Mind in Ming-Qing China” co-organized with the Research Center for Chinese Culture, Translation and Worldwide Communication and Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Platform.

The Research Center for Chinese Culture Translation and Worldwide Communication, with the support of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, and in collaboration with Prof. Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University of Rome), plans to establish a database on “Emotions and States of Mind in Ming-Qing China”.

To ensure the success of the Project and facilitate international cooperation, we are looking for a Database Assistant to help Prof. Santangelo update the database and carry out textual analysis. The appointee will cooperate with Prof. Santangelo to improve and develop his database on the representation of emotions during the Ming and Qing periods.

The Project aims to set up an exhaustive database of any directly or indirectly relevant expression, compound lexeme or concept concerning emotions and states of mind in Ming-Qing China. The analysis of these terms allows further investigation into the implied collective imagery, the deep structures of society and culture as well as the authors' attitudes.

The founder of the Project is the Italian sinologist Prof. Paolo Santangelo, who currently owns a database which collects the expression of emotions and states of mind from the literary works of the Ming and Qing periods. The Project is the result of close collaboration with the international scholarly publisher Brill, who has already started publishing part of the research outcomes. The purpose of the Project is to foster cooperation between academic institutions in Asia and Europe, while simultaneously exploring the psychological and intellectual worlds of both civilizations through the adoption of multi-disciplinary approaches that combine psychological, linguistic and anthropological research methods. For more information about the contents of the Project refer to the website

  1. Position Title

Database Assistant for Professor Santangelo's Project "Emotions and States of Mind in Ming-Qing China". The appointee will be directly involved in research activities, textual analysis and management of the Project under the supervision of Professor Santangelo.

  1. Job Requirements

Applicants should possess a Master's or higher degree in Classical Chinese Literature (priority will be given to scholars who are specialized in Ming-Qing fiction). Candidates must be proficient in English and need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the operation and maintenance of a database. Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an English written test.

  1. Job Duties and Responsibilities

The appointee will be responsible for the arrangement of data contents, updating and operation of the database, as well as keeping contact information and sending/receiving formal communications.

  1. Employment Mode


  1. Application

Send CV by mail to Cheng Xi (liaison officer); email address:



史华罗明清情感工作坊旨在收集和整合中国明清时期的情感词汇,通过分析情感词汇以探究其中所蕴含的社会群体想象、作者态度以及文化深层结构。详情请参阅以下网址: (。该工作坊创始人为意大利汉学家史华罗教授,现拥有一个有关明清时期中国古典作品的情感词汇数据库。该数据库或与BRILL国际出版社合作,開展有关明清时期的情感和心理状态研究。 此项目目标是推动亚洲和欧洲学术机构的互助合作,旨在通过文本分析探究欧洲和亚洲文明的精神和知识世界。在文本分析中,我们共用心理分析和文学批评的方法辅助研究。

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