Call for Papers : Science, Technology and Nationalism in India - Workshop 12 and 13 June 2023

👥 Scientific committee: Javed ALAM (Ceped), Koichi KAMEDA de F. CARVALHO (Ceped), Khetrimayum MONISH SINGH (IFRIS, LISIS), Jessica POURRAZ (IFRIS, Ceped), Yves-Marie RAULT-CHODANKAR (IFRIS, Ceped)

🏷️ event co-financed by the GIS Asie

📅 deadline : March 17th 2023

Although the question of nationalism in India has been of interest to many social science scholars, the relationship between science and nationalism has seldom been discussed in an in-depth manner. STS perspectives and debates allow a framework that investigates the pivotal role and position of science and technology in the realization of state policies in India through several technoscientific projects and illustrates how deeply it is enmeshed within the larger political and social goals of national growth and development. Therefore, we would like to investigate the role science and technology play in these imbrications, the challenges they pose, and how these new assemblages reconfigure power relations between the Global North and the Global South within India, between States and markets.

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Workshop 12-13 June "Science, Technology and Nationalism in India »