Launch of Special Issue Journal of Chinese Overseas (2023, vol. 19, Issue 2).

The research questions addressed in this special issue reveal the complexity of contemporary Chinese migration to and within Europe in terms of migratory motives and of generational transitions taking place in European countries; the impact of Covid-19 on the living conditions of overseas Chinese and their descendents; and the comparative perspectives of migration studies on a European scale

Claudia Astarita | Alba Colombo Vilarrasa | Mathias Diego | Sofia Gaspar |Laura Lamas-Abraira | Raphael Ponce Aaron | Emmanuel Santarromana | Simeng Wang
23 AVR. 2024 À 14H CTE
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Contents :

Chinese Migration to and within Europe: Continuity and Renewal in the Light of Demographic Factors and
the Impact of Covid-19
An Introduction to the Special Issue
Wang Simeng

Resthinking the Gay Chinese Migrant through the Prism of Migration Aspirations
Observations from France and Belgium
Ponce Aaron Raphael and Chen Cai

Transnational Mobility of Chinese Students in Portuguese-Speaking Countries
The Role of a Non-hegemonic Language
Sofia Gaspar and Mathias Diego

The Impact of International Education and Culturalmpowerment in the Global Job Market
A Case Based on the Experience of Chinese Students in France
Claudia Astarita

The Local and Global Scope of The Year of the Ox
Rethinking Barcelona’s Chinese New Year Festival in Pandemic Times
Laura Lamas-Abraira and Alba Colombo Vilarrasa

“Thanks for Getting Me in Touch with Local Politicians!”
A Sociological Study of the “Association of Young Chinese in France” as a Political Professionalization Springboard for Descendants of Chinese Migrants
Emmanuel Santarromana and Wang Simeng

Launch of Special Issue Journal of Chinese Overseas
Launch of Special Issue Journal of Chinese Overseas